The perfect lover, if ever there would be such a person, is that one that knows how to imitate nature in effortless precision.

Having conquered self, he, ruling his spirit, is able to apply that healthy balance in supply & demand, giving satisfaction enough to leave the loved filled, and in that just enough to hunger for more & never so full as to tire of him; just as each season comes when the earth craves it the most & ends as it begins to weary the living & the earth cries ‘enough!’

How quickly the tap that never closes becomes an irritant to those who not long past happily drank from it till their thirsts were quenched & their needs for its supply were met.

Before satisfaction comes hunger & without hunger satisfaction cannot be enjoyed neither appreciated or tolerated with ease for long. Satisfaction without hunger is dis-ease.

Those who want are filled & live happy, and those that want not, though they live, feel as though they are dead.

The lover that tires not of giving will learn the hard way that man grows weary of receiving & when the cup is full, vanity pushes man to hunger for emptiness. Life after all is in a circle.

Love is about giving. Love is also about holding back from giving for a time & a season. The perfect lover shields himself from being repaid with contempt for the love he gives by the love he witholds.

Balance is emotion & logic, heart & mind, love & ‘hate,’ joy & sorrow, peace & war…
Sweet satisfaction is found in balance.

”To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”


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