366 Days

It is exactly a day past one year since I last dropped a post here. I cannot say how much water has passed under the bridge in that time.


What can I remember? Well, I’ll start with sports. Nadal won his 8th title at Roland Garros; Andy Murray became the first “Brit to win the title at SW19 in 77 years” as the British media put it – totally ignoring the four female British Wimbledon title winners in that time; Manchester United regained the league title from their cross city rivals; Arsenal won 4th place again; Tiger Woods rose back to Number 1; Vettel won his firt home Grand Prix; Neymar stood up to be counted at the confeds, etc.

On the political front, a confused president is still at the helm of affairs in Niger-area and casting people to hell fire; that same country has two chairmen of a non-useful governors’ council; Obama got re-elected; a pope resigned for the first time in nearly 600 years; Snowden stirred up some real trouble; the Syria war is still on; Egypt is being Egypt; etc


In the entertainment world, my kind of entertainment at least, Danaerys is the liberator on TV and in trouble in the book while Tyrion is Tyrion as always; Now You See Me is my stand out for the year so far; Fast and Furious should have ended; Florence & the Machine and Ed Sheeran ticked my boxes; and yea, I remember Andrea Bocelli’s live performance.


Oh, and the earth is round; I’ve seen it. Nice view actually. The old arguments are still on: Is Messi the greatest all time? Creation or evolution? And all the usual stuff. In short, in 366 days, the world hasn’t changed at all. The numbers on the years change but the world remains the same.


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